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What is Connected Worker Technology?

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Connected worker technology is a class of technology applications that brings together operators, maintenance teams, and other workers with the critical information and applications they need to do their jobs more efficiently and productively.

Digital work procedures, wearable technologies, remote operator assistance, video training resources, mobile apps are all examples of connected worker technologies.

This technology has been increasing in importance over the past few years as oil and gas companies contend with an aging and soon-to-retire workforce.

This has meant that oil and gas organizations must capture the knowledge that these experienced employees have built up over decades of work; new recruits are harder to come by and tend to move jobs more often.

Connected worker technology can digitize the accumulated tribal knowledge of outgoing workers and provide a way for companies to more effectively train and connect less experienced staff with the information they need to do their jobs.

The pandemic further fuelled the interest in connected worker technology as the need for social distancing and remote operations meant that digital technology was essential to keep team cohesion and continuity of business operations.

One example of connected worker in action is at TotalEnergies. The company has implemented a RealWear helmet that connects workers to subject matter experts. This allows them to help troubleshoot equipment repairs or other operational issues. An integrated eye piece and video camera allow an on-site worker and remote assistant to see the same information in real time, while noise cancelling headphones make it easy to talk, even in noisy environments.

Field workers at the company can also access visual information and documents about procedures and machine specifications via the helmet. This eliminates the need to carry paper procedures into the field and keeps hands free for work.

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