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Power 10

Your forum to address your challenges

Power10 is an exclusive online executive forum for leaders looking to optimize their business performance, share relevant best practices, improve operational performance, or gain insight into more general industry trends in technology, strategy, or business operations.

This is an invite-only leadership exchange with a focus on sharing practical, real world experience that translates into actionable insight.

How it works

POWER10 is hosted online and moderated by an experienced facilitator. You will be teamed up with 5 of your peers to discuss solutions to an identified business challenge. Attendees are encouraged to share freely as conversations are kept strictly confidential. There are no fees for participation and attendance is limited exclusively to senior business executives.


Benefits of participating:

  • Discuss your business challenges and find solutions with fellow decision makers
  • Benchmark your own performance against others like you – avoid the pitfalls and learn from others who have not only developed similar strategies but are collaboratively looking to share their knowledge and experience
  • Develop your executive-level network with your most relevant peers and continue the discussion and networking outside of the formal roundtable
  • Gain insight into the latest thought leadership and solutions available
  • The most time and cost effective networking opportunity available. Participation is free and zero travel time required!
  • Whether it be the office, home or wherever you have connectivity, simply log on to engage in those business-critical conversations

How do you know if it's right for you?

If you answer yes to the 3 questions below it's worth registering your interest for an upcoming session.

  1. Do you control or directly influence where the budget is spent?
  2. Are you the main decision-maker?
  3. Do you have an active requirement for business solutions within the next 6-24 months?

I'm interested in participating, what should I do next?

Simply register your interest below if you would like to attend a roundtable. A Power10 account executive will then guide you through the process and keep you updated on forthcoming, relevant discussion topics.

Please choose a username.